The Time Between

Keep the time between the point of conflict with someone and resolving it with them as short as possible. Conflict comes in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of cause and intensity. If our lives involve other people, conflict is inevitable. Especially in marriage where living with someone is full time. Conflict can give … More The Time Between

Praying Continually

How is this possible? Have you ever heard of that expression? It’s a short verse from a short letter in the Bible that the apostle Paul wrote to the newly formed Thessalonian church. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17 he says in the midst of other encouragements… “pray continually”. And by extension, Paul instructs us. So how … More Praying Continually

Climate Series No. 8 – Heat. A New Wave and Not-so-New

There continues to be a bit of a frenzy with many folks about the climate changing. Let me start off by saying it is utter nonsense. Hold it. Before you leave, let’s look at some age old directives. And let’s be reasonable… the biggest change in climate is concocted in the back rooms of alarmists … More Climate Series No. 8 – Heat. A New Wave and Not-so-New

Like Arrows

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!” A quote from an ancient Psalm. In ancient warfare, archers were of huge importance. Their skill at being able to shoot arrows accurately at the enemy from afar was paramount to … More Like Arrows

Father’s Day, An Iconic Day in a Month under Siege

In the middle of this strangely “claimed” month of June, with its propagation of confusion, chaos, and desperate attempts at inclusion, stands an iconic date…Father’s Day. An annual day to celebrate fathers. Everyone has a father. And everyone came into this world because they were fathered, meaning, it took a man’s sexual activity with a woman to father … More Father’s Day, An Iconic Day in a Month under Siege