Beauty as reminder

“The relentless beauty that bursts forth in this broken world is a reminder of the beauty of the relentless love God has for us.” Mark Wanders, Sept. 28, 2020 Almost daily, if we are open to it, we can experience beauty bursting out all around us — in the midst of a messy world — … More Beauty as reminder

Unchanging God…

“The unchanging God brings about change in us for the express purpose to bring us closer to the place of unchanging beauty in Him.” Mark Wanders In a world overrun with so many things gone wrong, we have a Sovereign God in control who wants to move people, created in His image, of one race … More Unchanging God…


We can only lead souls heavenward when we are journeying there ourselves. Leading is not always out front. And journeying is ‘with’.

Tested again?

Sometimes God allows tests in our lives to prove what He has already taught us. Sometimes a test reveals we weren’t listening very well in the first place and need the lesson again. Mark Wanders