Pain, shame, suffering… towards Deliverance, Freedom, and Hope at Easter

This world was created very good, but was susceptible to pain, shame and suffering. Interesting that this same world was delivered through pain, shame, and suffering. This world is a fallen world. Fallen from its original very good state. It has been subjected to sin and evil and has become a world of pain, shame … More Pain, shame, suffering… towards Deliverance, Freedom, and Hope at Easter

A Dark Day for Canada

“Reduced freedoms for one member of society are essentially reduced freedoms for all. That touches on the heart of what’s essential… we really are in this together, as citizens.” This week holds a dark day for Canada. In Edmonton, Alberta, a pastor was imprisoned in connection with holding worship services during provincial restrictions. Before we … More A Dark Day for Canada

Imagine facing death…

“Imagine what it must be like to face death without the assurance of salvation, to handle sickness without the comfort of prayer, or to deal with uncertainty without the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Imagining can help us be more like Jesus.” ………… Randy Newman, Questioning Evangelism “When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion … More Imagine facing death…

Unpacking the Gift of Reality, “I’m not ok.”

Christmas is a time of wonder, excitement, anticipation, beauty…… and stress. This year particularly.  We’ve all had our share of curveballs, cancellations, and complications.  Tired of a dragged-out pandemic. Often we give gifts.  Including gifts of our time, our talents, ourselves, our homes, whatever. What about giving the gift of sharing with those close to … More Unpacking the Gift of Reality, “I’m not ok.”