Our Fixation on Behavior misses the Heart of the Matter

It could be you and it could be me…the other day it was a Vancouver man. Behavior, behavior. Everybody wants to see us having good behavior. It’s feels that way coming from our government too. Put on your mask. Social distance. Do as your told. Keep in line. Behave like good citizens. Don’t question the … More Our Fixation on Behavior misses the Heart of the Matter

Racism. What Can I Do?

Conversation around racism has escalated once again.  We’ve seen and heard plenty by now. Multiple views abound as to what has gone wrong and what can be done. What is racism?  In short, I’ve heard it described as ‘sinful ethnic prejudice’.  That’s one of those phrases that certainly stimulates some self reflection.  Perhaps opportunity for … More Racism. What Can I Do?

Unchanging God…

“The unchanging God brings about change in us for the express purpose to bring us closer to the place of unchanging beauty in Him.” Mark Wanders In a world overrun with so many things gone wrong, we have a Sovereign God in control who wants to move people, created in His image, of one race … More Unchanging God…


We can only lead souls heavenward when we are journeying there ourselves. Leading is not always out front. And journeying is ‘with’.