In Person

If GOD wanted to meet with us by video He would not have sent JESUS in person. If GOD sent JESUS in person, and JESUS sends us… How do you think we should go? Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

Authority Decision

When Jesus Christ was crucified, two men hung on crosses beside Him. One man questioned Jesus’ authority and scoffed at Him. In time, the other acknowledged it…. “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” What a power-packed confession of faith fully recognizing the authority of Jesus and His Kingdom work… when no one … More Authority Decision

Pain, shame, suffering… towards Deliverance, Freedom, and Hope at Easter

This world was created very good, but was susceptible to pain, shame and suffering. Interesting that this same world was delivered through pain, shame, and suffering. This world is a fallen world. Fallen from its original very good state. It has been subjected to sin and evil and has become a world of pain, shame … More Pain, shame, suffering… towards Deliverance, Freedom, and Hope at Easter

Basketball…towards Hope and Purpose

Just say Raptors. And people get excited. They connect. They buzz about their favourite plays. What a craze. People camping out for games, taking time off work, purchasing tickets for thousands of dollars. All to see their hopes come true – the Raptors win the finals in 6! Celebrations are everywhere.  Raptor gear becomes the new hip thing to wear.  And for good reason. The … More Basketball…towards Hope and Purpose