AJ… Star Trooper

This post:  Dec. 18 – Jan. 1 // For all posts CLICK HERE The start of a new year…and AJ is still trooping with us. He’s a star trooper! But hospital days are not easy, especially with new limited visitor access. And AJ’s condition is not easy for him to live with. On the first … More AJ… Star Trooper

Unpacking the Gift of Reality, “I’m not ok.”

Christmas is a time of wonder, excitement, anticipation, beauty…… and stress. This year particularly.  We’ve all had our share of curveballs, cancellations, and complications.  Tired of a dragged-out pandemic. Often we give gifts.  Including gifts of our time, our talents, ourselves, our homes, whatever. What about giving the gift of sharing with those close to … More Unpacking the Gift of Reality, “I’m not ok.”


Everyone would agree that clarity is important in communication. So I wonder why would we not be clear when talking about Christmas? Increasingly we see the word ‘Holiday’ replacing the word ‘Christmas’. Is this helpful?  No. It covers over the real meaning of the season….and maybe with intention. But it doesn’t mean it’s helpful. Could … More CHRISTMAS Clarity