Everyone would agree that clarity is important in communication.

So I wonder why would we not be clear when talking about Christmas?

Increasingly we see the word ‘Holiday’ replacing the word ‘Christmas’.

Is this helpful?  No. It covers over the real meaning of the season….and maybe with intention. But it doesn’t mean it’s helpful.

Could we remain clear and keep Christmas in how we communicate this season and all that it entails?

Think about it. Where is there better clarity?

Holiday gifts?  Or Christmas gifts? Holiday baskets?  Or Christmas baskets?

Holiday party? Or Christmas party? Holiday dinner? Or Christmas dinner?

Holiday holidays?  Or Christmas holidays!

Happy Holidays…maybe, but Merry Christmas is clear!

Do we diminish Christmas to just another ‘holiday’…..or continue to speak about it and its very special significance.

Is there a holiday story? Not really.  But is there a Christmas story?

Yes. And that’s where we find the real reason for the season, the special significance.  That’s where we find the importance of maintaining clarity in Christmas.

It is in the Christmas story where we find Jesus. Jesus is the reason for the season. Christmas commemorates God’s good news of great joy that Christ the saviour was born into this world… coming to conquer sin, Satan, and death. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God (catch that?…free gift!) is eternal life in Christ Jesus.

How many times have we sinned?  Lied, stolen, hated, cheated?  Every time is sin against Holy God, alienating us from Him.  Even our thinking can be against Him. For this we faced eternal death.  But Jesus Christ was born (Christmas) to save sinners…like you and me.

Jesus, our Immanuel (meaning God with us), lived His life on earth and died a brutal death on the cross to pay for our sins – in our place!  And by His resurrection and the power of His Spirit, He makes new life available to us now… for all who would repent of their sins and believe in him.  It’s that simple.  It’s a free gift we are reminded of every Christmas.

That’s God’s good news of great joy and the true meaning of Christmas!

So could we maintain clarity when talking about Christmas? Yes.

Will we? I guess it depends on how important the real message of Christmas is to us.

Why would we ever want to hide Christmas under the guise of just another Holiday?

Christmas is coming!  Will you communicate it with clarity?

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