Canada… Cancel, Celebrate, or Contemplate?

There’s been some talk about cancelling Canada Day or about not celebrating Canada. ‘Cancelling’ is usually not helpful. And we’ve seen cancelling happen somewhat frequently lately. Cancelling risks eliminating the past and not learning from it. Cancelling is remarkably similar to burying something over and not talking about it anymore. Cancelling risks not treating another … More Canada… Cancel, Celebrate, or Contemplate?

Racism. What Can I Do?

Conversation around racism has escalated once again.  We’ve seen and heard plenty by now. Multiple views abound as to what has gone wrong and what can be done. What is racism?  In short, I’ve heard it described as ‘sinful ethnic prejudice’.  That’s one of those phrases that certainly stimulates some self reflection.  Perhaps opportunity for … More Racism. What Can I Do?

15 Insights in 15 Months

“In spite of all our plans and preparations, the best (youth) ministries are continually working and improving their plans, rewriting the script every day, laying tracks just a few yards ahead of the train.” Mark DeVries, Sustainable Youth Ministry An acquaintance asked me the other day to share some insights from working 15 months in … More 15 Insights in 15 Months