Racism. What Can I Do?

Conversation around racism has escalated once again.  We’ve seen and heard plenty by now.

Multiple views abound as to what has gone wrong and what can be done.

What is racism?  In short, I’ve heard it described as ‘sinful ethnic prejudice’.  That’s one of those phrases that certainly stimulates some self reflection.  Perhaps opportunity for family and community reflection also.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to say or do with regards to all the complexities involved in racism.

It is always good to first go to God in prayer about these things.  Lamenting the fact that society, including us, is so broken and in continual need of the saving power of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit presence in us.

And then ask God to open our eyes and our hearts to allow for the intersect of different people in our lives, even vastly different… people I can listen to, learn from, talk to, and engage with.  That I would be present, and not prejudice.  That I would empathize and not just sympathize.

“Different is beautiful when you realize beautiful includes different.”

In a conversation with one of our black married couple friends this past week, a simple question was suggested to help engage with people of different colour: ‘What has your experience been?’

And then just be present and listen.  Be interested.  Be willing to learn from their stories.  Be willing to learn some history.  Be willing to make change where change is needed.

Then speak and act only as God would lead. 

As relationships form, continue to ask God how He would have us embrace Jesus, together.  You, me, and those we meet – all in need of a Saviour.  Preachers can’t go where you and I can – right into the daily relationships where God has placed us!  Be available and be faithful there!

It takes time, it takes discipline. 

But it is possible in the abundant grace available to us in our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ!  Our Sovereign Lord pictures for us an amazing, colourful Kingdom, and calls us to join Him in His colourful Kingdom activity each day.

Today is that day.

“After this I looked and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes, and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb….”

Revelations 7:9

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