Depends who is asking. Ask anyone, are you essential? Is what you do essential? Is the business you run essential? Most of us would answer yes. Of course. To ourselves, to our clients, to our families, to our communities, and to our province… maybe even further. And all of a sudden, because of some random … More Are You ESSENTIAL?

A Dark Day for Canada

“Reduced freedoms for one member of society are essentially reduced freedoms for all. That touches on the heart of what’s essential… we really are in this together, as citizens.” This week holds a dark day for Canada. In Edmonton, Alberta, a pastor was imprisoned in connection with holding worship services during provincial restrictions. Before we … More A Dark Day for Canada

Our Fixation on Behavior misses the Heart of the Matter

It could be you and it could be me…the other day it was a Vancouver man. Behavior, behavior. Everybody wants to see us having good behavior. It feels that way coming from our government too. Put on your mask. Social distance. Do as your told. Keep in line. Behave like good citizens. Don’t question the … More Our Fixation on Behavior misses the Heart of the Matter