Do Not Cave In to the V-pass

Do not cave in to the vaccine passports

…not you, nor your businesses, nor the institutions you are part of.

It is illegal activity.

Know your rights. Or at least get to know your rights.

Forced injections are illegal.

Any hate speech accompanying the imposing of these mandates is unacceptable and criminal activity.

Stand up for our rights. This is about our freedom… long term.

“I want to travel.” “I want to go to vacation.” ….that’s short term thinking.

Do you think double vaxxed will be enough?

Triple-vaxxed? Quad-vaxxed?

It will never end. It’s all a gamble with our health, removal of our freedoms, and a seeking of more power.

Stand up now citizens of Canada! For us and the generations to come.

Check out these websites to help equip you to stand right now.


Stand Up Canada

Freedom Rising

Want a broader view?

Take a look around the world… Australia, Russia, France, UK, Germany and more

It stops when we say, NO.

And about that vaccine, a few questions answered all from the CDC website

Photo by Louis Smit on Unsplash

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