Steeped tea… towards Meditation

Steeped tea. The art of soaking tea leaves in water to flavour an otherwise tasteless substance.

Ever made a nice hot cup? The aroma alone as it’s steeping awakens in us pending enjoyment of the steaming full-bodied beverage.  Steeped just right makes just the right flavour.

And then, you bring the steaming tea towards you…mmmm…. taking it in, breathing deeply… you sip it and experience warmth and peace throughout your whole body. Enriching. Soothing. Delicious.

Delightful alone. Delightful to share.

It has been said, “Meditation on Scripture is letting the Bible steep in the brain.”  The art of soaking Scripture into an otherwise incorrigible organism.

Steeped just right makes just the right flavour…for life!

What if we daily steeped ourselves in the Word, the Bible?

The Word — spoken by the Creator Father, made visible flesh through the Son Jesus, and written through the Spirit inspiration — giving life to all things.

Steeping ourselves in the Word is like steeping ourselves in the very essence of what it means to be alive; steeping ourselves in truths to flavour and saturate all of life. Enriching. Delicious.

Steeping ourselves in this Word of Jesus gives us a distinctive aroma with the potential to add flavour, delight and true peace to people’s lives around us.

People could, through us, taste and see that the Lord is good.

And perhaps want to join us for a steeping.

Delightful alone. Delightful to share.

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