How come I Don’t Always Feel like Writing?

“Thinking I had some answers to deal with my periodic or inconsistent flow of writing, I went home, attempted some new tactics… and…failed. It didn’t work for me.”

How come I don’t always feel like writing?

Am I not a writer? A blogger? An author? A wordsmith?

When I asked around to some writers about how they went about getting their writing done or found time for writing, I often heard of disciplined and dedicated times set aside to write. 
They’d get up at certain times and write for so many hours, or write so many words a morning or a day.

One popular author I talked to said he disciplined himself to write 100 words a day no matter what. That’s how he completed his books.

Thinking I had some answers to deal with my periodic or inconsistent flow of writing, I went home, attempted some new tactics… and…failed. It didn’t work for me. 

I wondered. 
Aren’t I disciplined enough? 

Well, no. Not exactly.

Disciplined to writing a 100 words a day? Or 5000 words a day? Or everyday at a certain time, for a certain time?

No. This was not a fit for me. Nor did it work for me.

So…Why don’t I always feel like writing?

I do write. And often. Just not regularly.

The answer for me came in passing, as I was listening to someone else talk about writing.

Then everything crystallized.

My answer is simple and freeing. I don’t always feel like writing, because…

I am an artist.

And my style of writing reflects that.
Maybe you are an artist too. 

And as artists, we have to feel inspired to write. 

Sometimes I go days or weeks without writing.

Then suddenly I’m inspired and then I write.  500, 5000, 10,000 words. It’s not fixed. It’s free. Posts, articles, journal entries…they’ll keep coming…for a time. And then it might stop. 

And I don’t sweat it.

I enjoy the inspirations. I love writing.  And when it stops, I view the time when I’m not writing as working towards when I will again.

I compare it to a tree and its beauty in all of the different seasons.

Just as a tree does not always bear fruit, but is always growing and working towards a cycle of yielding fruit, including winter preservation, so too I, at times, don’t bear the outward fruit of writing.

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So it doesn’t mean I am not at work. I continue to think, read, live life, and grow until the next inspiration comes.

Sometimes the inspiration is short. And comes at the weirdest times, like 4 in the morning or Sunday afternoon at 5, or while I’m driving. (I always have a notepad with me in my vehicle.)

Sometimes the inspiration is long and goes on for days. I’ve learned to work with it, embrace it, as it flows.

And sometimes the fruit is more bountiful. Other times not.

But all seasons of growth in the cycle of bearing fruit are worth living.

Dormancy, nutrient intake, budding, lush early growth, full season growth, the bearing of the fruit, shedding, and preservation. 

In the cycle, we live life, wonder at our world, collect thoughts, curate ideas, scribe notes, listen to others, create drafts, read, engage in conversation, and then finally, sometimes when we least expect it…comes the flow of inspiration to write.

And it’s wonderful.

All of it contributes. All of it matters. 

So if you don’t always feel like writing, or you aren’t disciplined to write like some writers do, don’t worry about it.

Accept the artist you are and live your life enjoying all seasons of growth in the cycle, anticipating and embracing inspiration when it does come. Because it will.

Say that to yourself: ‘I am an artist. And I write like an artist.’ And remind yourself of that regularly.

And when inspired as an artist…then get writing!

All the prep from the other seasons will culminate and you will bear fruit. 

How about you?

I’d love to hear about your writing experience.

What inspires you to write?
Please ‘Leave a Reply’ in my comment section below.

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