Going GREEN has a DARK Side

‘Carbon tax’. A tax that will affect everything we do.

Could we just rethink green for a minute?

Going ‘Green’ wreaks its own havoc on the environment. But the green movement has become fashionable in Europe and is spreading like ‘gang green’ to other nations, including our own, while the catastrophic damage to the environment is ignored because, well, it’s far away…and somebody else’s problem. (Remember we thought that about the corona virus?)

Going ‘Green’ is big business, and big tax generation, in the making. Like a new round of a global industrial revolution. Repackaged and sold as good for us… and good for the environment.

But as certain nations tout ‘Green’, other nations, like Chile, producing or mining rare metals or even common metals needed for the green movement, live under the ugly and often careless reality of destroying vast areas of land, air, and water, including leaving behind filthy untreated contaminated waste, dumping it back into the environment impacting countless lives of humans and animals alike by disease, death, or loss of habitat. The dark side of ‘Green’ not talked about.

Ironic to it all… the machines that mine the products happen to be primarily diesel operated for power and efficiency! {Let’s not forget all of the other fossil fuel operated equipment along the way to get ‘green’ products to your door.}

The dark side paradox of green energy:

  • ‘Reduce’ C02 emissions in one part of the world. Cause increased C02 emissions in another part of the world.
  • “Save the environment” mantra (to look good). Cause irreversible damage to the environment in far off places involving mining or production of components and calling it ‘green’.

What big industry this is. With green organizations and government stepping up to partake in this new carefully crafted environmental propagandized money grab (carbon taxes are just the beginning). Money is flung about as if tax dollars prop-ups are endless. The American government just said it wants to replace all of its vehicles with EVs (electric vehicles). Why? To look good. They don’t need them. What of the existing ones? I wonder how much fossil fuel operations will help produce all these new vehicles? Maybe they’ll do the military next.

The public is being brain washed that this is the way of the future… to do your green part for the environment…for your country…for your children.

The dark side deepens: ‘green’ becomes a cultural movement. And how dare we resist the new narrative.

Well, let’s resist. And stop the madness while we’re ahead. Our children won’t be thanking us for billions of old windmill blades, car batteries, and solar panels stacked up in piles of non-reusable waste. They won’t thank us for needlessly tossing aside all of our fine-running gas-powered vehicles just to go ‘green’. They won’t be thanking us for our consumeristic mindset and stupidity to produce useless products with short life expectancies. They won’t be thanking us for vast economic devastation and governmental debt. And they won’t be thanking us for vast amounts of wasteland, no matter the country, caused by a never ending hunger for mining minerals, all towards feeding a warped ‘green earth – save the environment’ fallacious money grab worldview.

And think still further. Think.
Why would any government push green right now? Other than being driven by a money hungry worldview? Do you really think a global collaboration of government is out for supporting industry, the environment, and the common people? Really? Is there any evidence?

Do we not see a current shift from various ‘leaders’ who can’t wait to shut down every working oil and gas industry, and now even their investors, just to see us buckle in pain under an underestimated new world order of madness calling for every entity to go green?

This is a green and dark agenda… including suppressing and extracting.

Suppressing truth about green; extracting whatever is wanted from the earth – no matter the environmental impact.

Suppressing support for existing businesses; extracting as much tax from them as possible.

Suppressing truth about what’s good for us; extracting still more money through ‘green’ carte blanche taxes (like the carbon tax).

“Renewable energy and electric cars aren’t green if they destroy an important habitat and drive wildlife extinct,”

current struggles for America to deliver on ‘green’ promises.

Kelly Fuller, Western Watersheds Project

All in the name of green. All inside of an overall environmental movement claiming to address ‘Climate Change’ which in itself is much debated but not substantiated (more on that in an upcoming post). Therein lies the depth of the problem. And the depth of the dark side of green.

We need to address this before it gets out of control. I am all for efficiency, reliability, taking care of the environment, and thinking about the next generation. But not at the hands of those propagating a new ‘green’ world order who suppress truth and cover up the dark side that goes with it. That sets us all back.

Demonizing current practices and then further repackaging them with a new name isn’t good for our world. I suggest efficiency and reliability be sought with all energy resources available to us, including ones being used and ones being explored.

A few things we can do right now.

  1. Remember that everything you and I have right around us, and all the food we ate today, were delivered to us not by ‘green’, but primarily by means of highly effective fossil fuels (not as ‘old’ as you think) that power our world. Be grateful for powerful, reliable fossil fuels that need to be part of our world moving forward. Continue to support these industries, their investors, and new innovations towards efficiency.
  2. Tell our governing leaders to continue to support the oil and fuel industries and increased efficiencies alongside newer sources of energy, all to be part of our world moving forward.
  3. Don’t always believe everything the government or their advocates tell you. They don’t always have it right! Think and discover realities for yourself to help inform our desire to take care of this planet we live on. Be informed on the climate and insist the government remove ‘carbon tax’ grabs.
  4. If we are serious about taking care of our world, what is one simple step we can take today to reduce, re-use, recycle, ….rethink what we do in our own piece of this world?

And as far as our children go, maybe they will thank us for taking action…for resisting a deceptive narrative.

Then again, maybe our kids will end up getting creative and building us quazi-recycled-windmill-solar-panel-parts senior citizen homes out of all the old stuff we generated, as they drive off in their high efficiency gas powered built-to-last vehicles leaving us to bask in our own ingenuity.

Photo by Stefan on Unsplash

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