AJ… Home!

March 7 was the big day. Home day.

Over 4 months in the hospital, and home day finally arrived. Praise God!

AJ had his last bath at the hospital, primarily because they have the coolest bath tub ever, but also it’s nice to travel home clean.

All the familiar nurses and hospital staff said their good-byes while Mom and Dad packed up all AJ’s stuff to come home with us. Finally, after all the packing and a delayed prescription order, the three of us were on our way. It was good to leave the hospital for a final time.

Photos: Some of the gear coming home / AJ’s last moments in 3Z / Signatures from Staff

Arriving home was exciting… and overwhelming. For AJ and for us. It was good to come through our doors and experience the familiarity of home, but as we unpacked all of the gear that came home with AJ we couldn’t help but wonder how in the world we were going to be able to care for AJ and operate all this equipment.

But as we set things up one unit at a time, and began using the equipment with AJ, we were grateful for all the training we received. We worked as a team… Joanne taking care of certain things, and me other things. And before you know it, this first day at home was done and we had AJ all taken care of and tucked into bed all “rigged up” for his first night’s sleep at home.

And from that first day, as we shared before, we take it one day, sometimes even one hour at time. And amazingly God gives enough grace and provision for each day.

It’s been just over a week now and we are working some things into a routine and we are tweaking a few other things. We have one nurse and one PSW that help out, as well as our kids who have been a tremendous help. We are hoping to see another 8 people trained up on AJ’s equipment over the next two weeks… most of our kids will train, plus AJ’s respite home parents, and a couple of other people. This will be of great assistance to Joanne and I who are currently the only fully trained people on all of AJ’s equipment. After these initial trainings, we hope more can follow for others.

Through it all we don’t lose hope. We have been carried this far, and God will continue to carry us. And He will carry you too, no matter what you’re going through. As this song says, ‘I have this hope…. You are with me and won’t let go.’

I don’t want to live in fear
I want to trust that You are near
Trust Your grace can be seen
In both triumph and tragedy

I have this hope
In the depth of my soul
In the flood or the fire
You’re with me and You won’t let go

Have a listen…

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