7 Months… and still Trooping!

Seven Months today!!

May 29th marks a special day of celebration. It was 7 months ago on October 29th, that we sat at the hospital bedside of AJ and had the difficult conversation that his life was hanging in the balance. He was not expected to live very much longer.

And there he was through it all, encouraging us and thinking positive… putting a greater trust in God for his days and not only in the predictions of medical staff.

He couldn’t speak very well because of his full-face breathing mask, so he typed a few sentences on an iPad. Here’s a photo of one of his phrases…

As quoted from the blog post back then…

We had some laughs before we left and we decided that today was as good as any day to begin the 7-year journey, if God would grant it. And if not, maybe just 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months? We don’t know. And no one does. Maybe that’s why there’s urgency to live every day to the fullest. So that is what we decided. Even through the pain and frustration, sorrow and tears, we would make each day count and aim for some joys in it all! Because tomorrow is never guaranteed… not for anyone!

Mark Wanders blog post, Oct. 29, 2021

And here we are at 7 months.

AJ has been home now for almost 3 months and has been doing remarkably well. And get this… on Monday, May 30th, he will be going back to school!

He is a young lad that has shown us all incredible patience and fortitude to live out each day trapped in a boy’s body that doesn’t fully function, limited to either a bed or a wheel chair, with others always having to care for his needs. He is a constant reminder of a perseverance through challenging circumstances. I think he is an encouragement to many.

May you be encouraged today as we thank God and celebrate this remarkable milestone!

Then and Now

3 thoughts on “7 Months… and still Trooping!

    1. Seven months, and counting … Such a blessing Goes to show once again that it is God who determines the length of our days. May His name be praised by all who witness His grace and provision.


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