Some Good News regarding Climate

You just may not see this on mainstream media. Let’s check…

Back in the summer, this remarkably good news was shared with me. So now as part of my Climate Series (#9) I’m sharing it with you. If it was on MSM you should have seen or heard it by now.

It’s called “Against Doomsdayism” by Brian L. Bahnsen from the Bahnsen Group.

I quote:

One of the unfortunate dynamics of the modern environmental movement is that it needs to downplay legitimately positive news lest it feel like a sense of urgency and fear is undermined by reality. (emphasis mine)

Yet some good news seems almost dishonest to not mention, right?

Like for example…

  1. Carbon monoxide emissions are down 73% over the last forty years.
  2. Or the fact that lead levels in the air are down 99%.
  3. Nitrogen oxides have been reduced 62%.
  4. Sulfur dioxide as an air pollutant is down 90%.

So why not proclaim the good news of these reductions? Well, I have a theory.

Because GDP is up +275% in these same forty years, vehicle miles traveled are up +191%, energy consumption is up +49%, and the U.S. population is up a stunning +60%. And if that kind of economic growth and energy utilization can coincide with such a huge reduction in air pollutants like carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, etc., then maybe, just maybe carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced even as we grow our economy as well. (again, emphasis mine)

And I do not believe this is just “accidentally” possible.

I think the testimony of history is abundantly clear: Richer equals cleaner.

Economic prosperity is NOT at odds with environmental stewardship; it is the cause of greater environmental stewardship.

End of quote.

Wow. Some pretty positive stats from the last 40 years. Are you detecting a misfit with the current narrative?

Imagine if we broke free from the shackles of pessimism and fear, and pushed back against fear messages by encouraging others with these simple, yet substantial facts. And then go out and explore how we can continue to steward the resources given us right on our own North American soil for the benefit of the nations we live in.

Maybe time to share some good news about climate?

And a brief video clip too…

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