21 Things I Observed Fishing with my Brother

Fishing is not my thing.  The last time I went was over 10 years ago.  And in ten or more years, one’s perspective can grow and change much. 

When my brother texted me to join him yesterday, I was delighted.  He made me feel important to join him.  In reflecting on the fishing excursion, here are 21 things I observed:

1. It always nice to be invited out. 

2. The invite might come when you least expect it. 

3. Share your intentions with your wife.

4. Be prepared for any weather.

5. Take along basic needs like food and water.

6. Be prepared to accompany anyone else invited along.

7. Come ready to contribute.

8. More importantly, come ready to learn.

9. Fishing can take on many different forms and there’s a lot involved. 

10. Fishing is a lot more than a simple bait and hook.

11. Fishing includes a lot of gear, and there are different approaches for different fish.

12. Fishing takes teamwork. Sure, you can go it alone, but going with others always allows for so much more. 

13. It’s helpful being with someone who has done it before. 

14. No matter how sophisticated the equipment, the fish still only bite when they feel like it. 

15. Some fish require more energy to reel in than others. 

16. Even when fish are biting someone must remain at the helm to steer the boat.

17. Keeping your eye on the horizon helps when the going gets rough.

18. There are different points of exhilaration – some in the reeling in, some in the catch, some in holding the fish, and even some in the release.

19. Someone must use the net.

20. There’s much more going on than just the fishing; appreciate the creation around you and the company you are with.

21. Some say there’s always tomorrow, but if today works, go today.

When Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men”, maybe some of these points can apply.

I find it amazing that Jesus called twelve to walk with him closely, to be made into ‘fishers of men’. Not one, not two, but twelve.  Sounds like teamwork.

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