Strike Fear into the People

A satirical musing from my journal of July 5, 2019…

Often, when we see weather statement warnings we witness the subconscious promptings from the government to point us to them as saviour.

Strike fear into the people and they will grovel at your feet with obeisance.

Mark Wanders

The Canadian constituent government directed prayer of obeisance:

‘Save us oh government, save us! All wise, all powerful government, you know what’s best, you know what is good for us…take our tax dollars and change the climate!

Control the atmosphere, control the weather systems. Send the wind, disperse the rain…all wise government may your control of the climate affect the change you desire for us; you know what’s best; you have supplanted all other forms of Supremacy. 

This has never been possible before, by any other government, but you, you are no normal government. You are a government that is all-powerful, all-caring, all-knowing… a government that understands… that all you have to do is collect more taxes and massage the voters backs as they bow, and you will have power enough. Take it! We lift our money-filled hands to you and bow yet again as you direct our fate.

I wonder how our parents ever survived without weather warnings?

‘You all wise government not only aim to gain control over the climate, but you too, all wise, all powerful government, aim to gain power over the very self…our very person! 

You are now gaining supremacy over our gender also! You have boldly declared there is no male nor female only, but we are all….well, many, even within ourselves.  We can be many sexes…too many to track or count…but you all wise government, know there is no limit to your power nor a gender count!

Inform our hearts as to how many different genders we can be and lift our need for any responsibility… I can be he today, and she tomorrow…and many another by the morrow, blazing a trail of reckless havoc, because what does it matter…I won’t be there, I’ll be over here, slipping around from person to person – all within myself! Who can find me??

I love you all wise and all powerful government…surely this is freedom!’

I wonder what would happen if the male sperm and female egg were just eliminated. All the world’s problem would come to ‘rest’ in 80-odd years or so.

‘All wise, all knowing government, if you control the climate and you control the person, is there anything in between that shouldn’t fall under your power?? Of course not!

Control the schools, control the workforce, control the health care, control the land use, control our speech, control our coming and our going, control our homes, control our families…control it all!!! Because you, oh government, all wise and all powerful, you know what’s best and you can save us!’

But I have these nagging questions. 

How come the world is riddled with an increasing amount of pain, confusion, suicide, identity crisis, hatred, violence, anger, warfare and disorder more than ever before?

Are you not all wise and all powerful, oh government?

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