Unchanging God…

“The unchanging God brings about change in us for the express purpose to bring us closer to the place of unchanging beauty in Him.”

Mark Wanders

In a world overrun with so many things gone wrong, we have a Sovereign God in control who wants to move people, created in His image, of one race …the human race… from a place of dead-in-sin to a place of being alive in Jesus Christ by the washing of His blood shed at the cross, and the renewing power of His Holy Spirit in us.

Change… new life… originating from without.

Resulting in lasting, on-going change within.

Change with eternal consequence.

And immediate reconciling results.

With God and with each other.

Result causing action.

Right in the families and communities we live in.

Right here. Right now.

Giving new purpose and new perspective.

Equal image bearers of God.

Before Him and one another.

Pointing to this power of change available.

Only in the unchanging God.

And for the fulfillment of His Kingdom.

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