Gaining Perspective

“He determines the number of stars and knows them each by name.” Psalm 145:4

Need to gain a greater perspective in today’s world?

Step outside on a clear night and look up at the starry host.

No one ever looks up at the clear night sky and exclaims, “I am amazing!”

No, looking up at the vastness and beauty of the night sky does something to us.

Looking up is where we realize…

  1. How small we really are.
  2. How we are part of something so much bigger.
  3. How there is so much more to life than we can see or comprehend.
  4. That there is a God who made us and who made the universe.
  5. This same God is working all things out, right here on this crazy planet, according to His plan, for His purposes… for His glory, and for the sake of His people.
  6. That even though this planet seems hopelessly lost, God did something about it by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem that which was lost. We are included in that.
  7. Life beyond this crazy world is guaranteed in Him.

And we have free access to that redemption, to that inclusion… by faith alone through Jesus Christ.

When things seem way out of control, remember… they are not. They are totally inside of God’s control… a God who has led and still leads the way through and out of the lostness and the mess.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you and your household, and you will be saved.

Paul and Silas, Acts 16:31

Challenging times come to get us to stop and look up.

To acknowledge we are not in control. To re-orient us to the God who is in control. To repent to Him of our waywardness.

He created us to live in dependence on Him and with faith in Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

The struggles we face come to test and strengthen our faith, and refine us along the way.

Are you feeling tested? Tired? Weak? Stressed?

Step outside on a clear night, look up and gain a greater perspective.

And think about placing your trust in this God who made all things, redeems all things, and directs all things.

For His glory and in love towards your eternal destiny.

But it takes a decision to follow Him, to believe.

He wants us to be in relationship with Him, both now and forever.

Live and believe with this eternal perspective.

Photo by Klemen Vrankar on Unsplash

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